Your professional development

You will learn leadership skills that will help you do your job better.  Through our webinars and courses you will learn critical thinking, how to negotiate, how to mediate, tips on saying the perfect 30second elevator pitch and how to be a better boss.

By volunteering with us, you can

  • practice the skills that our courses will teach you
  • learn new skills that may not be part of your daily job (e.g. event management, project management)
  • mentor your junior colleagues
  • add to your resume

Your voice

By joining together, we can influence the provincial health agenda.  We remind influencers that

  • our independence is important because we deal with community-based issues, not just hospital-based
  • public health is as important as acute care
  • preventing illness is cheaper than healing once sick
  • replacing public health nursing jobs with cheaper alternatives may not be cheaper

Have your voice heard at key discussions in transforming Ontario’s health care system.

Join Us