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Fostering a Highly Competent Workforce
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Message From The President


Exciting times lay ahead for public health nursing in Ontario and I look forward to working in collaboration with all of you to help us achieve collective success in our roles as nursing leaders. My commitment to you all is to work diligently with the executive and the membership to 1) advance the strategic directions of our association; 2) identify ways in which the value of public health nursing is understood, articulated and effectively demonstrated; 3) further several key strategic alliances to effectively support development of the public health nursing workforce; and 4) increase the visibility and voice for public health nursing and its leadership. We have much to do over this term and beyond and I look forward to working with the executive, Regional Representatives and Chief Nursing Officers Network to “lead the way” while engaging our current and future members. Please do feel free to contact me directly with ideas or suggestions at [email protected] Join Us